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Missing skin folders UP2.01
« on: February 25, 2011, 02:07:57 AM »
The problem of only seeing “Default skins” available in the UP2.01 installation has come up again. With UP3.0 just around the corner, here is a temporary fix for those that cannot get their new skins to work in UP2.01.

When they created all the new Spitfire/Hurricane/other variants in UP2.01, they failed to create a separate skin folder in the “PaintSchemes/Skins” directory. This has the effect of only displaying a “Default” skin when you go to the arming screen.

The fix for this is to create a new skin folder for the specific variant that you want a new skin for and for which there is no folder existing. The syntax for this folder must be exactly as shown in the “air.ini” file located in the “Files/com/Maddox/il2/objects” folder.

So for example, if you want to add a new skin for the “Hurricane MkI 12lbs,’40*”, you open the “air.ini” file and look for the exact syntax of this machine………it is called “HurricaneMkI_BoB”….just to be bxxxxx awkward! Now create a folder in your “PaintSchemes/skins” directory with this name to add it to the other Hurricanes. Place your new skin here and you will find that it works.

Important…….before opening, copying anything from vital files like the “air.ini” file, make a back-up copy of the file to avoid a problem of corrupting the entries.

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